Public toilets reopened tourist gift shop councils authorities reliable coin operated turnstiles Toilet Turnstiles cash flow tripod single and double half height access control security tamper-resistant weatherproof Public toilets which were closed to save money could be reopened as a tourist gift shop. Two of the most prominent proposals have been put forward after Inverness city committee instructed officials to investigate opportunities to develop the toilet site on a not-for-profit basis, one of which is the toilets reopening as they are between April and September to cater for the tourist season. The other option is the conversion of the premises into a gift shop with smaller toilet provision.

For councils or other authorities to carry on providing viable toilet facilities, reliable coin operated turnstiles from Toilet Turnstiles are the answer to cash flow problems. Styled in a tripod design, both single and double half height turnstiles are available. The ingenuity of our turnstiles is that they can be combined with access control systems from our partners to provide security both in manned and unmanned locations. Offering unrivalled reliability, the turnstiles are tamper-resistant and weatherproof ensuring they can last in all sorts of environments.

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