beauty spot attack damage smashed antisocial behaviour deter vandals full height extra security Toilet Turnstiles visual deterrent access control galvanised durability Tamper-resistant weatherproofToilets at a beauty spot have been shut due to an attack. The facilities, which people use while taking part in picnics, sustained about £2,000 worth of damage. Vandals at the Lancashire building smashed toilets, ripped water pipes off the wall and damaged paper dispensers during the attack, believed to have taken place at the weekend. A spokesperson for the council that maintains the loos said that for some time the block has been “a hotspot for antisocial behaviour”.

Deter vandals at a toilet block with full height turnstiles, the choice when extra security is needed, from Toilet Turnstiles. Ideal if you are looking for the maximum security approach, full height turnstiles also provide a more comprehensive visual deterrent compared to that of half height turnstiles. The access control devices are galvanised with a polyester powder coat finish for extra durability. Tamper-resistant and weatherproof, full height turnstiles offer unrivalled reliability and have been proven to withstand even the most unforgiving environments.

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