seafront block loos portable toilets Toilet Turnstiles coin token smart card entry access control councils maintenance WC office lobby half heightDelays in building a new seafront toilet block have been branded “inept”. Councillors expressed their dismay that the loos were not ready when promised at the coastal town of Sheringham; while there were hopes that North Norfolk District Council was looking at getting portable toilets for a temporary measure. Comments at the meeting ranged from deputy mayor David Gooch saying: “I think we should convey our total dissatisfaction over this entire process,” to Stephen Frazer commenting the “ineptitude” over the projects was “unacceptable”.

Usher along new toilet block provision through Toilet Turnstiles and our class-leading coin, token or smart card entry turnstiles. The access control devices will help councils pay for their toilet maintenance. Turnstiles will give you all the benefits of controlling access to your toilet facilities, yet fit seamlessly and elegantly into any environment, whether a seafront WC or an office lobby. They are available in half height (as in our picture) or full height models to suit your needs.

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