Toilet Turnstiles improve access control and security indoor or outdoor double turnstiles double throughput two year warrantyA ‘nettie’ – an old toilet to you and me – has been badly-damaged in an act of vandalism at the Locomotion National Railway Museum in county Durham. The outdoor lavatory had its roof wrecked and an old mangle beside it pushed over. The museum has pledged that it will be repaired. The loo used to belong to the Hackworth family who were pioneers in rail travel. Police are urging anyone with information about the incident to come forward.

Toilet Turnstiles can improve access control and security for your organisation’s toilet provision, whether indoor or outdoor. Half height toilet turnstiles provide an unobtrusive method of controlling access to your toilet facilities. The half height turnstiles do not compromise the safety and security of those passing through it. Both single and double half height turnstiles are available allowing you to double your throughput while keeping the amount of space used by the turnstile to a minimum. All of our turnstiles are covered by a two year warranty.

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