toilet disabledThe charity Is There An Accessible Loo? (ITAAL) was born in 1997 when a group of disabled women – fed up with not being able to travel locally, regionally or nationally because they did not know where accessible WCs were – got together to compile a directory of accessible WCs. Also they felt there should be an organisation to highlight the problems faced by disabled people and to campaign for improvements. What disabled people want is an accessible WC that meets the majority of their needs, according to the ITAAL website.

There is no compulsory requirement for local authorities to build new toilets, and twinned with lack of funding there is a tendency to leave out costly disabled WCs. Developed from the need for local authorities and private companies to provide public conveniences to a good standard and generate revenue for day to day maintenance, our toilet turnstiles can be the answer to financial concerns. Toilet turnstile technology has developed to accommodate disabled people. Half height toilet turnstiles provide an unobtrusive method of controlling access to your toilet facilities, and both single and double half height turnstiles are available.

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