council considering selling off nine public toilets Turnstile technology budgets at local authority run buildings smart cards flow capacity significantly increasedA council is proposing to close or sell nine public conveniences as a means of saving up to £30,000. Anglesey council has not ruled out the toilets being used for other purposes, depending upon planning permission. “It is too early to make any statement regarding the future use of the sites if buyers are found for the public toilets identified for potential closure,” said the Welsh council, which needs to allocate more than £100,000 per annum on their upkeep.

Toilet Turnstiles technology can aid local authorities in keeping to their budgets by installing coin operated toilet facilities at public conveniences or inside council-run buildings. Our turnstiles are made with both accessibility and security in mind as they prevent potential vandals casually wandering into the premises. Coupled with a set of smart cards, flow capacity is significantly increased compared with any swipe card system, as the card is read in under ¼ second and does not have to be removed from a wallet or purse.

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