axe free toilets town hall survey access control devices Coin Operated Turnstiles public conveniencesCouncil officials have asked residents for their views on controversial plans to axe free toilets but they only got a handful of replies. The town hall survey in Manchester got so little feedback therefore the council is pressing ahead with plans revealed earlier this year to close all public toilets to save cash. The one exception will be Mount Street, in the city centre, where charges will be introduced. The authority currently operates six public conveniences which need daily cleaning and repairs.

Local authorities can benefit from technology especially produced to meet provision of good standard public conveniences. Developed by Toilet Turnstiles are coin operated toilet turnstiles which offer improved security and are available in a number of styles to meet your organisation’s needs. Since the access control devices charge a nominal fee to enter the premises, they are ideal for generating revenue for the general day to day maintenance, cleaning and upkeep of public conveniences. The turnstiles are duty cycle rated for intensive use.

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