town hall toilets Conservative leader at Ealing Council Jason Stacey fumed banA councillor blasted a local authority for banning members of the public from using town hall toilets. Conservative leader at Ealing Council Jason Stacey fumed after learning of the town hall ban, the second in as many years: "How can you expect businesses to open up their toilets to the public when the council won’t open up the town hall’s? It’s madness,” before adding: "They said before it was to make sure they knew who was coming in and out of the building but you go past reception and the toilets are in front of you."

Toilet Turnstiles provide the solution for local authorities desperate to keep open Public Conveniences, and keep them to a good standard and generate revenue for their general day to day maintenance. The coin operated turnstiles are manufactured from graded stainless steel for ease of cleaning and maintenance and are duty cycle rated for intensive use. Perfect for high volumes of traffic and so suitable for a public facility like a town hall, our turnstiles provide maximum flow capacity, whilst causing minimal disruption.

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