Extra cash to invest in the loos has been confirmed by the council following problems reported around the Bay. 

Toilets in Torbay will be open for longer this summer and be cleaned more often – and there will be more of them.

Torbay Council has responded to recent problems with its toilets by announcing an extra £33,000 investment in them, with the money coming on top of nearly £2m already being spent on providing modern public toilets across the Bay.

The aim, says the council, is to increase capacity and make the toilets cleaner, more accessible and safer.

The public is also being asked to respect the staff cleaning the toilets after flashpoints during the recent heatwave when demand overwhelmed the facilities at Torquay, Paignton and Broadsands. People resorted to going on the beach and behind beach huts as massive queues building up.

The toilets were not cleaned as often as they could have been, as people holding the doors open for people behind them in the queues ‘fooled’ operators into thinking the toilets had not been used as often as they actually had.

There will also be a more regular cleaning regime, and increased surveillance and CCTV to tackle anti-social behaviour.

Toilet Turnstiles – Expert Suppliers of Access Restriction Solutions for Public Conveniences

Public toilets that do not have a sufficient access restriction are always likely to leave themselves open to vandalism and misuse. 

It is fantastic news that the Torbay Council are investing an extra £33,000 into improving the public toilets in the area. However, it would be a shame for all of that money to go to waste should it not be invested in the correct areas. 

This is where Toilet Turnstiles come into play. Our Toilet Turnstiles are developed from the need for Local Authorities & Private Companies to provide Public Conveniences to a good standard and generate revenue for the general day to day maintenance, cleaning and upkeep etc, with the added benefit of preventing people from wandering into the toilets as they now have to pay for the privilege, or “spend a penny”.

This will guarantee that the facilities will never be overwhelmed and prevent people holding the doors open for people behind them in the queues, subsequently fooling operators and cheating the system.  

At Toilet Turnstiles, we offer Half Height Toilet Turnstiles which provide an unobtrusive method of controlling access to your toilet facilities. Additionally, we offer Glass Toilet Turnstiles that will give you all the benefits of controlling access to your toilet facilities, yet fit seamlessly and elegantly into any high-status environment where appearance is equal to functionality.

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