A comprehensive Fife-wide review of public toilet might actually lead to quite a few of these conveniences being shut off, leaving both tourists and locals stranded in an emergency situation.

According to a news report, the review was carried out by Fife Council’s transportation and environmental services department and is now consulting with community councillors with a view to providing Fife with “fit-for-purpose, ?strategically-placed public convenience provision”, as well as making efficiency savings of around £200,000.

The conveniences in North-East Fife under threat are: two toilets in Anstruther (at Anstruther harbour and Billowness), two toilets in Crail (at the harbour and Westgate), two toilets in Cupar (at Bonnygate and Fluthers car park), one toilet in Elie (at Stenton Row) and one toilet in Falkland (at Back Wynd).

Dr Bob McLellan, Fife Council’s head of transportation and environmental services, said: “A comprehensive, Fife-wide review of public toilets has been carried out by transportation and environmental services over the last six months. We are also engaging with all community councils to get their views.”

Naturally, the best alternative to the complete closure of public toilets would be to start charging an access fee, that would help keep them open, while in the same time helping the councils in charge of their maintenance save some money.

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It’s also important to mention that the coin mechanism can be programmed for virtually any combination of coins with a secure cash box to hold them, while the additional counters for the number of entries made will enable a thorough level of control over the system’s operation.

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