ownership of a toilet block Borough Council Toilet Turnstiles for access to public conveniences help local authorities keep facilities up to good standard generate revenue improved security extend flow capacityTwo councils have locked horns over the ownership of a toilet block at a town hall. Newcastle Borough Council wants to formalise the ownership arrangements of the Midlands town hall building. This will enable them to lease out vacant office space, saving the authority more than £50,000 a year. However Kidsgrove Town Council says it also has a claim to the Victoria Hall in Kidsgrove, which dates back to the 1970s, although the arrangement was never legally formalised.

Toilet Turnstiles have developed Turnstiles for access to public conveniences that help local authorities keep the facilities up to a good standard and generate revenue for the general day to day maintenance, cleaning and upkeep etc. The turnstiles offer improved security and extend flow capacity. Coupled with a set of smart cards, flow capacity is significantly increased compared with any swipe card system, as the card is read in under ¼ second and does not have to be removed from a wallet or purse.

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