TrocaderoToilet Turnstiles installed a coin operated turnstile last month at the prestigious Trocadero Centre, which houses leisure amenities and shops, and covers more than 500,000 square feet. Located on the corner of Piccadilly Circus and Shaftesbury Avenue, its history goes back to the late 1700’s and was originally the site of the London Pavilion. “The management at the Trocadero Centre were very impressed with the set-up. They are looking to replace their other turnstile, and we will get extra business from that,” said Toilet Turnstiles sales director Robert Cochrane.

Toilet Turnstiles’ coin operated turnstiles are especially designed for usage in public conveniences. The half height toilet turnstile at the Trocadero provides an unobtrusive method of controlling access to your toilet facilities. Styled in a tripod design, both single and double half height turnstiles are available, allowing you to double your throughput while keeping the amount of space used by the turnstile to a minimum. Toilet turnstiles offer the ideal antidote to providing public toilet facilities, enabling both security and the income to afford to keep cleanliness standards within the toilets.

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