A turnstile allows one person to pass at a time. It can also be manufactured to enforce a one-way traffic system for people.The turnstile was originally used to allow people to pass while keeping sheep or other livestock penned in.

In the late 1880’s Britain used turnstiles for public events. The first major use of the turnstiles was at a sporting venue in Hampden Park, Glasgow. A turnstile is often used for counting the number of people passing through a gate, even when payment is not involved. Turnstiles are extensively used in amusement parks to track how many people enter and exit the park and go on each ride.

Turnstiles are more effective than doors when there is a need to physically control people entering or exiting a facility. With crime such as robbery on the increase, turnstiles are also used for security purposes. In addition, an Access Control system can be integrated with the turnstile/turnstiles.

There are many different types of turnstile. It depends on what the individual wants. The most commonly used turnstiles are:

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