Brent Cross garage graffiti Toilet Turnstiles varied in height and styles facilities prone to vandalism absolute entrance or exit security is required full height turnstiles visual deterrent tamper-resistant weatherproof coin box Drivers have been engaged in a toilet row in a bus garage. The drivers say their only toilet in Brent Cross garage is being repeatedly closed due to graffiti and flooding. Between November 28 and January 13 the toilets were closed 39 times, and were closed again on Monday (January 23) due to flooding. They are calling for the toilets to be kept open, even when they are vandalised, and for the facilities to be better maintained.

Toilet Turnstiles stock turnstiles varied in height and styles that suit facilities which are prone to vandalism. When absolute entrance or exit security is required, full height turnstiles are the perfect solution. Ideal in unmanned locations, they provide maximum security together with a strong visual deterrent. In areas prone to flooding and other inclement conditions, the full height turnstiles are tamper-resistant and weatherproof ensuring they can last in even the most unforgiving of environments. They have multiple coin box options and need no routine maintenance.

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