Spending a penny seasiders leisure facility loos access toilets resort Toilet Turnstiles Coin Operated Turnstiles revenues generated shorefront two year warrantySpending a penny will not cost too much for seasiders at a new resort leisure facility. Officials say a new £16 million pier will more than adequately replace the knocked-down toilets on the site in Tyneside. Councillors confirmed that people enjoying a trip to the coast will be able to use the loos when the pool is opened early next year. “It was mentioned by a council worker that the public will be able to access toilets,” said Coun George Elsom.

Seaside facilities seeking top toilet technology should resort to Toilet Turnstiles. Coin Operated Turnstiles supplied and maintained by us contain the added benefit of preventing people from wandering into the toilets as they now have to pay for the privilege, or ‘spend a penny’. Generous revenues can be generated from the Turnstiles to maintain the toilets to a proper level at a shorefront establishment. All of our turnstiles are supplied complete with the peace of mind of an inclusive two year warranty.

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