school set light to a toilet roll Toilet Turnstiles access control and safety devices coin operated attendance recording systems fire roll call reports emergency situation evacuation listChildren had to be evacuated from a school last Friday when someone set light to a toilet roll. The incident happened in the boys’ toilets on the ground floor of the school in West Sussex. Staff attended the blaze and then called the fire service “as a precaution”. Pupils were evacuated as part of normal fire safety procedures. The brigade recorded the matter as ‘arson’ and the Cuckfield School said the boy responsible had been dealt with according to its policy.

Thanks to our work with our partners, Toilet Turnstiles can offer schools, local authorities and private companies a range of access control and safety devices. As well as the coin operated toilet turnstiles, we can install attendance recording systems which include fire roll call reports. In such an emergency situation, fire roll call reports are immediately generated containing the crucial information concerning which pupils are present. An evacuation list can be printed off at a safe pre-determined remote point, like a playground.

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