Public toilets in Otley, West Yorkshire, are set to undergo major upgrade works worth around £110,000, a recent news report in the media has revealed.

As a part of this very ambitious scheme, the Orchard Gate facilities will be completely rebuilt, in an attempt to provide a very valuable service to shoppers, traders and visitors.

The public toilets are privately owned but were taken out on a long-term lease by the previous council administration. Unfortunately, they’ve been plagued by vandalism for quite a long time, resulting in recurring, costly repairs.

The revamp project, set to start on Monday, September 30, will see them re-designed and re-opened as fully staffed conveniences in a bid to improve cleanliness and security.

Town council leader Councillor John Eveleigh said: “In November we will be opening a much-improved facility that will address the longstanding complaints and problems that the current set up generates.”

“This will be one of the most significant projects the town council can do to improve the visitor’s experience of the town, and it will also be a huge benefit to local residents and market stall holders.”

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