Stroud District Council has decided to carry out an ample refurbishment of the public toilets in Dursley, located in May Lane Car Park, after becoming seriously dilapidated over the past few years.

According to a news report in the local media, local authorities have also been in contact with disability charity, Allsorts Gloucestershire, who have suggested the inclusion of several facilities to improve disabled access, such as lift hoists and motorised units.

Currently the toilets are expected to be renovated to form single “rooms” for visitors rather than the cubicles that are there at the moment.

This will be the eighth toilet refurbishment that the council has undertaken recently out of the 12 it looks after in the district. The authority’s work in offering brighter, clean, modern, safe and accessible toilet facilities has been commended by the Great British Toilet association, which has put the council in its “Premier League” of top 20 toilet-providing local authorities.

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