City centre loos refurbished revamp public makeover local authorities caught short Toilet Turnstiles Councils Public Conveniences generate revenue WCs maintenance graded stainless steel ease of cleaning token entryCity centre loos are being refurbished with residents being invited to suggest words or literary quotes to adorn the walls. This collaborative revamp, which will take place over the next three years, is part of a wider £450,000 public toilet makeover project across the city of Oxford. So far suggestions from the public have included: “For this relief much thanks,” from Hamlet; and “Keep you in the rear of your affection,” from the same famous play by the Bard.

Any local authorities caught short for inspiration on a public toilet makeover can turn over a leaf to Toilet Turnstiles. Councils will be able to provide Public Conveniences to a good standard and generate revenue for the WCs’ general day to day maintenance, cleaning and upkeep. The Coin Operated Turnstiles are manufactured from graded stainless steel for ease of cleaning and maintenance and are duty cycle rated for intensive use. The turnstiles also have options for facilitating token or smart card entry.

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