A public campaign asking for the reopening of three public toilets in Portsmouth has recorded its first victory, with three of the public toilets axed as part of budget cuts last year being recently reopened.

Under the previous council leadership, no less than 12 public conveniences were closed. However, due to public support, the new council bosses have managed to find the necessary funding to reopen three of the public toilets.

Reopening the loos won’t cost taxpayers anything, as they will be cleaned by council employees who maintain council properties in those areas and already use part of the toilets for storage.

While this measure is certainly something noteworthy, charging a small fee for access is certainly a widespread way of helping cash-strapped councils, and this is exactly where Toilet Turnstiles could really puts its experience to good work.

We supply a full range of toilet turnstiles, designed to help make access to public toilets safer and faster.

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