North Lincs Council use Toilet TurnstilesNorth Lincolnshire Council is a sizable public authority employing approximately 7,250 staff in the north Lincolnshire area. The council is responsible for a large number of services to the local community and one of these is the provision of public conveniences. The council operates a total of 24 public toilets across North Lincolnshire.

In April 2009 the councils Electrical Engineer, Mark Bagley, was looking to replace some of the old public convenience turnstiles that had become irreparable. These were the Library Square Public Toilets, off Carlton Street, Scunthorpe. Mark received quotes various companies but decided to place an order for Toilet Turnstiless coin operated turnstiles especially designed for public conveniences usage because “Tensor were able to do exactly as required and the price was competitive”.

Toilet Turnstiles installed the new turnstiles and there were no problems with the installation. The Tensor engineer took time with attendants to talk them through the operation of turnstiles and the coin operated mechanisms.

When asked what he liked most about Toilet Turnstiles’s turnstiles Mark replied “They were a direct replacement of our old turnstiles and Toilet Turnstiles made it very easy to replace like for like installation”.

Mark told the reporter that he was “more than happy” with the quality of the Toilet Turnstiles installation and when asked if he would recommend Tensor’s toilet turnstiles to other local authorities or organisations, he replied “Yes, they did all as required”. Summing up his experience of using Toilet Turnstiles, Mark concluded “Job completed well and to task. Did exactly as required”.

North Lincs Council Public Conveniences
Library Square Public Toilets, off Carlton Street, Scunthorpe.

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