Several years after the last public toilet in Gloucester closed down, residents and visitors alike will soon be able to use a new £30,000 public loo that is being built in the city centre, a recent news report in the local media has been able to suggest. 

The toilet will be a self-cleaning unisex facility and suitable for people with disabilities and parents will also be able to make use of the baby-changing facilities it provides. 

It has been installed at a cost of £30,000 which has been provided through the £2million sale of the land at St Oswald’s Retail Park to Tesco’s. 

The toilet will be connected to the mains supply but there will still be a 20p charge for people to use the facility. 

With no government funding for public toilets and a constant squeeze of their finances, is it any wonder that local councils across the whole country are struggling to fund public toilets? 

A large number of public toilets can cost hundreds of thousands to keep in functional condition, so it makes sense that councils would consider charging entry in an attempt to get some money back. 

Yes, nobody wants to pay a “fee to pee”, but when it comes down to a choice between shelling out or having no public toilets at all, installing a toilet turnstile is the obvious solution. This is where we at Toilet Turnstiles could really put our experience to good work. 

Our toilet turnstiles are built from graded stainless steel, for easier cleaning and maintenance, and also come equipped with lockable lids to prevent unwanted access. Furthermore, the separate coin box offers very versatile mounting options, as it can be installed either in front of the turnstile, at the side or alternatively on the wall, with the cash box at the rear. 

The turnstile’s coin mechanism can be programmed for virtually any combination of coins with a secure cash box to hold them, while the additional counters for the number of entrances will enable a thorough level of control and reporting ability over the system’s operation. 

If you need additional information regarding our extensive range of products, just get in touch and our staff will answer any of your queries.

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