Budget cuts for local authorities across the UK are starting to take quite a serious toll on a lot of the non-essential services these councils provide, with public toilets being among the first such services to be targeted.

And, in fact, that’s also the case with the town of Crewkerne, in Somerset, England, where members of the town council’s Amenities Committee discussed the takeover of the toilets from the district council, according to a news report.

Concerned that if they did not take on the toilets, the facilities would be lost altogether, councillors agreed that they were a much used facility and needed in a town the size of Crewkerne.

However, in order to keep the facilities open for public, several cost cutting suggestions were made, including the use of town council cleaning staff instead of the contractors used by district, and the possibility of charging 20 pence for the use of toilets.

Unfortunately, in these financially troubled times, one of the best solutions for keeping a public toilet open is setting a small access charge, and the most cost-effective solution of this type is represented by the Coin Operated Turnstiles from Toilet Turnstiles.

Our turnstiles are accompanied by a separate coin box that offers very versatile mounting options, as it can be installed either in front of the turnstile, at the side or alternatively, on the wall, with the cash box at the rear.

Additionally, the coin mechanism can be programmed for virtually any combination of coins, while the additional counters for the number of entries made will enable a higher level of control regarding the system’s use and cash input.

If you’re want to find out more about the Coin Operated Turnstiles manufactured by Toilet Turnstiles, our dedicated team is eagerly waiting for your queries.

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