There’s a real and clear need for public toilets along the Knab to remain open, members of Lerwick Community Council decided this Monday, according to a news report.

The public venue in Lerwick, the capital of the Shetland Islands, is set for further development, which would attract a larger number of people. Plus, the Knab toilets are in a vital location for the mainly elderly people who visit the graveyard and especially for funerals.

The location and status of the toilets is currently under review, with the SIC looking for alternative funding sources in order to keep them open.

Since we’re going through a period of severe cuts across local councils’ budgets, imposing a small fee for the use of these public conveniences is most likely the best option at hand, and the Coin Operated Turnstiles manufactured by Toilet Turnstiles are the best solution for enforcing such a tax.

Our turnstiles are accompanied by a separate coin box that offers very versatile mounting options, as it can be installed either in front of the turnstile, at the side or alternatively, on the wall, with the cash box at the rear.

Additionally, the coin mechanism can be programmed for virtually any combination of coins, while the additional counters for the number of entries made will enable a higher level of control regarding the system’s use and cash input.

If you’re want to find out more about the Coin Operated Turnstiles manufactured by Toilet Turnstiles, our dedicated team is eagerly waiting for your queries.

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