toilet facilities face shutting down loos Public Conveniences councils Coin operated Toilet Turnstiles nominal fee to enter generate revenue full height turnstilesThe prospect looms that toilet facilities could close for good in an area of Scotland. In Carnoustie, toilets in three different streets face shutting down. One independent Carnoustie councillor believes the town is being treated unfairly again due to the sheer number of parks, some of which contain loos, which face the axe. Brian Boyd said a petition is one option, adding: “There are inequalities within the different burghs and it is what I have been chipping away at.”

Public Conveniences are falling left, right and centre but there is a way for councils and companies to keep them open. Coin operated turnstiles from Toilet Turnstiles charge a nominal fee to enter, which means they can be looked after to a good standard and generate revenue for their day to day running. They contain the added benefit of preventing people from casually wandering into the toilets. As you can see from the image, different varieties are available including full height turnstiles.

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