restraining order regarding public conveniences security products coin operated toilet turnstiles lockable lidsAn abuser of aerosols has been given a restraining order regarding public conveniences. The woman from Scotland has been restricted from going into certain facilities due to her misuse of solvents. Her defence solicitor, Sinead Corrigan, told the court that her client Kirsty Lennon was taking steps to get her life on track and had been prescribed medication to help fight her solvent addiction. She had been discovered in various states of intoxication across numerous public toilets.

Among Toilet Turnstiles’ security products are coin operated toilet turnstiles which are especially useful at improving safety levels and reducing crime around public lavatories. For both local authorities and private companies they are a valuable source of revenue for the general day to day maintenance and upkeep of the facilities. The turnstile bodies have lockable lids to prevent unwanted access and are securely mounted to the floor plate. Without compromising the safety of those who use the turnstile, speed and reliability are provided even during rush hour periods.

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