toilet security bombA bomb was found and defused at a toilet in the United States. An attendant who went to service a portable toilet at a Tacoma Public Utilities transfer station opened the door and spotted what appeared to be a pipe bomb with a fuse sticking out. However, she called 911 to inform the emergency services, the area was cordoned off and the Pierce County sheriff’s bomb disposal unit rendered the device safe.

Safety and security at public toilets can be improved with a Tensor toilet turnstile. The coin operated turnstiles, manufactured from graded stainless steel for ease of cleaning and maintenance, will prevent people from wandering into the toilets as they now have to pay for the privilege. At the same time, they will generate revenue for the general day to day cleaning of the facility. There is a secure cash box to hold the coins, while the turnstile bodies have lockable lids to prevent unwanted access and are securely mounted to the floor plate. All our turnstiles are covered by a two year warranty.

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