Labourers inadequate WC facilities site blocks customers workers up to standard token staff vend grant entry Toilet Turnstiles easy-clean devices controlling accessLabourers blamed inadequate WC facilities as one of the main reasons they have gone on strike. One of the construction workers at the site in Cheshire, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “There’s six toilet blocks for over 600 men. Sometimes when we are on a 10-minute break a number of them are locked.” He added: “The state of the toilets and the lack of medical facilities mean the conditions for workers are not up to an adequate standard.”

How can your site ensure its toilets for your customers or workers are up to an adequate standard? Well, try installing toilet turnstiles which charge a nominal entry fee. Or how about a token scheme whereby staff can vend tokens which will grant them entry? Toilet Turnstiles provide an unrivalled service with our tough, easy-clean devices for controlling access to your toilet facilities. Styled in a tripod design, full, double and half height turnstiles are available, allowing you the freedom to choose.

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