Toilet auction company sale Victorian public convenience coin operated highly-secure access control turnstilesAn auction company reflected upon the highly unusual sale of a Victorian public convenience which will be transformed into a dwelling. Auction House East Anglia described the buyer as a “builder specialising in unusual buildings” who planned to develop it for his family. The new owners of the century-old building on the Norfolk coast are converting it into a holiday home. The family said they were attracted by the scenic views.

Toilet Turnstiles can transform the fortunes of public conveniences using our coin operated highly-secure access control turnstiles. Our Half Height Turnstiles are styled in a tripod design, and are made in 304 or 316 grade stainless steel. Both single and double half height turnstiles are available allowing you to double your throughput while keeping the amount of space used by the turnstile to a minimum. Speed and reliability are provided, ensuring that even during a rush hour period, your half height turnstile does not compromise the safety and security of those passing through it.

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