older peopleA shortage of public toilets results in certain groups feeling anxious about going out. Older people do not readily go out of the house without the reassurance that they can find a public toilet, which can lead to ill-health, with consequent burdens on the NHS.Age UK (formerly Help the Aged) has research about the impact on isolation on older people’s physical, social and mental health when they do not leave their homes because they are fearful of not finding a public toilet. Their figures say one in 10 older people stating that they often or frequently are lonely.

Tensor can help older people with its toilet turnstile technology, which is developed from the need for local authorities and private companies to provide public conveniences to a good standard and generate revenue for their general maintenance and cleaning. By installing a modern turnstile which permits entry with a small charge, then the needs of keeping up the toilet facilities are met as well as coping with high volumes of traffic. Tensor’s turnstiles provide maximum flow capacity, whilst causing minimal disruption.

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