charge Tube station Commuters nip to the loo Underground deter troublemakers passengers Toilet Turnstiles safety cleanliness transport hard-wearing payment access controlA new toilet charge has been put in place at a Tube station. Commuters needing to nip to the loo before catching their Underground train will have to cough up 20p at Northfields station after it was decided to introduce a charge to deter troublemakers. The nominal sum was brought in at the station in Northfield Avenue a few weeks ago. Tube authorities pointed out that since the 20p charge was implemented toilets have been both cleaner and safer for passengers.

Toilet Turnstiles can bring both safety and cleanliness to toilets at Tube and other transport stations. Our hard-wearing but stylish Toilet Turnstiles make ease of payment when entering and loos, while at the same time deterring troublemakers because a charge is made for access. Full height and half height turnstiles are options on our menu of access control products. Passengers will appreciate the extra security and tidy surroundings that our turnstiles will bring, as coin entry can pay for cleaning.

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