BBC WCs waste Toilet Turnstiles sophisticated means of controlling access Glass Turnstiles regulating entry high-status environment access control payment devices corporate lobbyA BBC Four documentary took a tour of the toilet’s physical history. The Toilet: An Unspoken History starts with quoting religious texts more than 2,000 years old that lay out guidelines concerning how to dispose of human waste. The show then switches to some amazingly mainly intact Roman ruins in Merida, Spain, including some of the oldest preserved Roman toilets. These were the most sophisticated WCs in the world, using water that had already been used for washing and cleaning to flush away the waste.

Toilet Turnstiles provide the most sophisticated means of controlling access to modern WCs. Glass Turnstiles will give you all the benefits of regulating entry to your facilities, yet fit seamlessly and elegantly into any high-status environment where appearance is equal to functionality. Intelligent design provides for the incorporation of an access control device to operate in conjunction with the glass turnstile alongside the payment devices. These turnstiles are an essential element for today’s corporate lobby environment.

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