Demand for public toilets beauty spot overflowing Coin operated turnstilesDemand for public toilets in a beauty spot was overflowing during the recent warm weather. Chris McGregor, who has lived on the western edge of the Meadows in Edinburgh for 40 years, discovered a queue forming one hot Saturday afternoon for a portable toilet that building contractors had brought in outside her home. She said: "We’ve had people coming looking for places to relieve themselves and coming into our gardens or using the street.”

Coin operated turnstiles from Toilet Turnstiles fulfil the need for local authorities to keep providing their toilet facilities as they help pay for the upkeep. They are a key element in keeping the toilets clean and attracting tourists to your area. They prevent people from wandering into the toilets as they now have to pay for the privilege. Glass turnstiles will give you all the benefits of controlling access to your facilities, yet fit in places where appearance is equal to functionality. They are suitable for both interior and exterior installations.

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