Reinvent the Toilet fair Microsoft Toilet Turnstiles coin smart card entry Energy Saving Trust glass evacuated tube solar heating systems renewable Public Sector reduces gas oil electricity billsBill Gates is feeling flushed with success after siphoning some of his extensive fortune down the toilet. Twenty-eight cutting-edge designs were displayed at Reinvent the Toilet fair on a Seattle campus this week, and the winner was an invention from the California Institute of Technology. The team’s toilet was solar-powered; and its backer, Microsoft guru Gates, thinks it is destined to aid the third world. “We couldn’t be happier with the response that we’ve gotten,” he added.

Toilet Turnstiles, the leading supplier of coin and smart card entry turnstile technology, has associates in the field of solar power. SolarSave install energy-saving products that are backed by the Energy Saving Trust. Glass evacuated tube solar heating systems can provide two-thirds of a dwelling’s water heating needs free of charge thanks to the renewable, green energy of the sun. Public Sector buildings, such as schools, council offices and leisure centres, will greatly benefit from the cleaner, money-saving source. Solar hot water reduces your gas, oil and electricity bills.

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