robbed town centre install Glass Toilet Turnstiles security needs shopping centre coin operated Intelligent design access controlA woman was robbed of £120 in some town centre toilets. Police said the robbery was believed to have occurred at around 9.30am; however the victim was not discovered until 10.55am. The robbery took place on December 7 in Gloucestershire although police did not release details about the attack until last week. The Regent Arcade said that the arcade was treating the “unfortunate incident” very seriously and was co-operating fully with police in a bid to catch the culprit.

Toilet Turnstiles can install Glass Toilet Turnstiles which meet all the security needs of a shopping centre or other organisation. The coin operated turnstile does this by fitting seamlessly and elegantly into any environment where appearance is equal to functionality. Intelligent design provides for the incorporation of an access control device to operate in conjunction with the glass turnstile alongside the payment devices. Optimum pedestrian throughput in an elegant, sophisticated style, are provided by glass turnstiles – an essential element for today’s corporate lobby environment.

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