public toilet St Blazey council fast efficient coin operated Toilet Turnstiles graded stainless steel durability sturdy turnstiles cope with high traffic volumes strict security standardsA town faces an own goal of losing its only public toilet which is situated on its football field. South Western town St Blazey has been passed the responsibility of running the outbuilding by Cornwall Council due to budgetary cuts faced by many local councils. St Blazey council chairman June Anderson hinted the toilet has been given a red card when she said: “We decided to prioritise spending money keeping everything tidy, so I’m afraid if it comes to the crunch the toilet’s going.”

Spending a penny may save your local public toilet thanks to fast, efficient coin operated turnstiles from Toilet Turnstiles. Offering graded stainless steel durability, the sturdy turnstiles cope with high traffic volumes and operate to strict security standards and under severe operating conditions. They can be offered in many different versions depending on customer choice. These include being galvanised with a polyester powder coat finish for extra durability. The coin box can be mounted in a variety of positions.

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