toilet women burgledBurglars stole cash from a ladies’ toilet block in Skegness in Lincolnshire earlier this month. The offenders forced entry through a skylight. They broke into the change machine and turnstile unit, which was in Tower Gardens, stealing a large sum of money in. Anyone with information on this or other crimes should contact Crimestoppers, anonymously, at to use the secure online form. A hard, durable toilet turnstile can thwart vandals or burglars, who may be less likely to commit a crime if they know the equipment is difficult to break in.

The tough bodies in our coin operated turnstiles have lockable lids to prevent unwanted access and are securely mounted to the floor plate. The coin mechanism can be programmed for virtually any combination of coins with a secure cash box to hold the coins, thus discouraging theft. Contact us for a number of options on turnstiles and other security and access control products from Tensor plc, a name you can trust. We have been designing, manufacturing and installing first-class access control solutions since 1991.

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