petition to save a toilet block local authorities stylish Toilet Turnstiles new revenue streams Public conveniences generate revenue coin operated turnstiles separate coin boxA petition containing a total of 1,400 signatures has been collected in a fight to save a toilet block. It is due to be closed in favour of a labour and money saving ‘superloo’ by Nottingham City Council. However one of the campaigners, 64-year-old local resident Ros Yousouf, said: “For the bus drivers this is the only stop where they don’t have their own facilities and the market traders also rely on them. We are very upset that they would even consider closing them.”

Organisations such as local authorities will find stylish Toilet Turnstiles for your facilities are a good means of finding new revenue streams. Public conveniences will be kept to a good standard and generate revenue for their general day to day maintenance, cleaning and upkeep thanks to the coin operated turnstiles. The separate coin box can be mounted either in front of the turnstile, at the side or alternatively can be wall mounted with the cash box at the rear, giving a vast range of options.

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