loss of public toilets cost graded stainless steel sturdy coin entry Toilet Turnstiles raise money WCs local authorities expenditure separate coin box revenue gatheringAn Independent councillor has voiced concern about the loss of public toilets. Councillor Carol Taylor pointed out that the toilets are included in this sale of the Assembly Rooms in Boston. She said in her letter to the Boston Target newspaper that the council could renovate them, but at a cost to the public purse. Any “higher specification” upgrade would perhaps need a 20 pence charge to “be implemented as they do in Skegness and this income would help eventually towards the cost”.

Manufactured from graded stainless steel for ease of cleaning and maintenance, sturdy coin entry turnstiles are available from Toilet Turnstiles to raise money for public toilet use. WCs are a cost-intensive undertaking for local authorities who are always tempted to sell them on to cut expenditure. The separate coin box on our revenue-gathering turnstiles can be mounted either in front of the turnstile, at the side or alternatively wall mounted with the cash box at the rear.

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