People going for a night out in Buckingham will be shocked to find out that the doors to the town’s public toilets have been locked at 3pm this week, due to reports of vandalism and drug use in the facility.

According to a news report, the contractor in charge of cleaning the public facilities has often found them in a state of disarray, with clear marks of drug use left behind (including syringes and needles). A member of the public sent photographs to Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC), which owns the toilets, and on Tuesday the decision was taken to close them from 3pm this week.

The Buckingham Town Council wants to build new toilet facilities in the town centre and has been trying to locate a suitable site.

In order to avoid the inconvenience posed by the public toilets closing early, installing an access restriction system seems to be quite a good idea. And this is exactly where Toilet Turnstiles can prove its worth.

The hard-wearing but stylish turnstiles manufactured by Toilet Turnstiles will certainly deter troublemakers, as they provide a higher level of security than simple doors. And for this particular task, full-height turnstiles would probably be a better solution, given the superior level of security they deliver.

Our turnstiles are manufactured from graded stainless steel, for easier cleaning and maintenance, and also come equipped with lockable lids to prevent unwanted access. In addition, should the council ever decide to charge for access, the separate coin box provides extremely versatile mounting choices, since it may be installed either in front of turnstile, at the side or alternatively, on the wall, together with the money box at the rear.

It really is essential to mention that the coin mechanism might be programmed for practically any combination of coins using a safe cash box to hold them, whilst the extra counters for the number of entries made will allow a thorough degree of control over the system’s operation.

If you want to find out more about the Coin Operated Turnstiles manufactured by Toilet Turnstiles, our dedicated team is eagerly waiting for your queries.    

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