locked robbery premises shop threatened Police employees Full height turnstiles Toilet Turnstiles absolute entrance or exit security integrated system visual deterrent tamper-resistant weatherproofTwo members of staff were locked in a toilet during a robbery at a ‘bookies’. The ordeal began when a cleaner had opened the north-western premises at 8.10am last Tuesday and she was confronted by the men, who had already broken into the shop. The terrified worker was threatened with a knife and then forced into a toilet. The deputy manager arrived moments later and suffered the same fate. Police confirmed that neither of the shop employees was hurt.

Full height turnstiles from Toilet Turnstiles are recommended for use when absolute entrance or exit security is required. Used either as stand-alone units or as part of an integrated system, your full height turnstiles can be engineered to meet all your organisation’s security and control requirements. Full height turnstiles also provide a more comprehensive visual deterrent compared to that of half height turnstiles. Tamper-resistant and weatherproof, full height turnstiles offer unrivalled reliability and have been proven to withstand even the most unforgiving environments.

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