Berkshire lack of toilets Coin operated half height turnstiles speed and reliability unobtrusive method of controlling access local authority business keeping open public conveniences shoppersRetailers in a civil parish in Berkshire say a lack of toilets is putting shoppers off. Councillors in the town of Woodley are also calling for public toilets to be brought back, saying visitor numbers are affected. At a meeting of the Woodley Town Centre Management Initiative last week, members called for a designated toilet block to be brought back to the town. One comment from the meeting was: “When it comes down to it there is not sufficient public toilets.”

Coin operated half height toilet turnstiles provide an unobtrusive method of controlling access to toilet facilities operated by a local authority or a business. They also solve the problem of keeping open public conveniences for the likes of shoppers – which are in themselves expensive to run – because the nominal entry fee raises revenue. Speed and reliability are provided, ensuring that even during busy shopping or entry times, the Toilet Turnstiles products do not compromise the safety and security of those passing through it.

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