Ringwood Town Council was forced to close the men’s and women’s toilets at the Carvers recreation ground pavilion following a bout of anti-social behaviour that severely damaged them, a news report in the local media has revealed.

The measures come after numerous incidents at the pavilion, which hosts the town’s youth drop-in. A report to councillors on the recreation, leisure and open spaces committee said the latest vandalism was expected to cost £750 to repair, while the council will also be getting an estimate for a steel door on the remaining facility to deter vandals who have damaged and set fire to the existing wooden door and frame.

The report said: “The toilets have been subjected to vandalism to a varying degree of severity. On most occasions the ground staff have been able to carry out repairs in order to keep them in use. However, the facilities are generally abused and most members of the public avoid using them unless absolutely necessary.”

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