public toilet building complaints upkeep attendant cleaned Glass Toilet Turnstiles maintain tight budget coin operation controlling entry high-status environment payment devicesA newly-elected councillor has visited a public toilet building after complaints about its upkeep. Conservative group leader, Chris Wanless, visited the facility in Worksop which is allegedly not fit for purpose. He said: “The toilets should be kept so they are fit for use, otherwise people will get a bad impression of Worksop.” To these allegations the council replied that the toilets are checked every two hours by an attendant and they are cleaned at the end of every day.

Intelligently designed Glass Turnstiles from Toilet Turnstiles solve the problem of how to maintain toilets on a tight budget that, for example, councils increasingly are experiencing. The Glass Turnstiles – which have the option of coin operation – will give you all the benefits of controlling entry to your toilet facilities, yet fit seamlessly and elegantly into any high-status environment where appearance is equal to functionality. An access control device can operate in conjunction with the glass turnstile alongside the payment devices.

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