Embarrassing Bodies outside festival loo Toilet Turnstiles improves lavatorial hygiene office facilities outdoor or indoor integrate with smart card and biometric access control systems full or half height galvanised simple to cleanBecause they involve thousands of visitors and lower than normal hygiene standards, festival toilets are going to proliferate with germs. This was the message from the ITV1 programme Embarrassing Bodies. “A music festival is all about having fun, frolics, and partying,” said Dr Pixie McKenna, adding: “but the toilets don’t make for a joyous experience.” The advice of the show is to always wash your hands after using an outside festival loo.

Toilet Turnstiles improves lavatorial hygiene at your office or facilities, whether outdoor or indoor. Our toilet turnstiles fully integrate with our smart card and biometric access control systems giving you full jurisdiction over access in and around your site. The coin operated turnstiles cope with high traffic volumes in and out of your premises and follow strict security standards. They are available in full or half height editions and are galvanised with polyester powder coat finish for extra durability. They need no routine maintenance and are simple to clean.

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